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Spiritualized ROYAL ALBERT HALL OCTOBER 10 1997 LIVE | Vinyl

Spiritualized ROYAL ALBERT HALL OCTOBER 10 1997 LIVE | Vinyl

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Personnel: J. Spaceman (vocals, guitar); Michael Mooney (guitar, bass); Jules Singleton, Sally Herbert, Jocelyn Pook, Dinah Beamish (strings); Raymond (Moonshake) Dickaty (flute, tenor saxophone); Sean Cook (harmonica, bass); Tony Robinson, Rob Charles, Don Owen, Kevin Brown (horns); Thighpaulsandra (piano, Hammond B-3 organ); Damon Reece (drums); Michelle Parkinson, Maulin Fisher, Denise Seally, Naterlie Goode, Janice Whyne, Rhoda Fisher, Samantha McRae, Jason Thompson, Leon Brown, Paul Bernard, Tony Clarke (background vocals).
Recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, England on October 10, 1997.
Recorded in October, 1997 at London's Royal Albert Hall, this live document is a sprawling affair in every sense--a 2 CD set, it features a wide representation of the group's work and a huge collection of musicians (LIVE boasts full horn, string and vocal sections). Though given to every variety of sonic experimentation, Spiritualized remains a guitar-based entity; their compositional form follows suit--though structure is often willfuly deconstructed, at the heart of it all lies the song--a simple and ultimately sacred unit.
Though primarily focused on LADIES AND GETLEMEN WE ARE FLOATING IN SPACE (8 of its 12 tracks are featured), LIVE delves freely into the past--the full-on space rock of "Shine A Light" segues into an even more ethereal "Electric Mainline." The gentle, dolorous voice of mastermind Jason Pierce provides the hub for lush, intricate instrumental arrangements throughout. The meditative "Broken Heart" takes on further drama and urgency in the live setting, given a menacing, horn-driven intro and an angelic choir arrangement. At over 15 minutes, "Cop Shoot Cop" is the quintessential live epic, moving back and forth from a murmur to sheer Armegeddon (visiting every dynamic in between) in a heartbeat.

  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 06/17/2014

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